Cosmetics stand

Cosmetics Stand

Cosmetics stand are one of the most widely used and known types. Below are some examples of the experience and production of more than 10,000 types of retail and non-store outlets in Vanisha, which include a large number of makeup items, so that if you own a brand, look a bit closer to the designers.

The use of Cosmetics stand, to showcase the products of a cosmetics brand, make it possible to test the cosmetic products of that brand and, consequently, to buy that cosmetics brand.

I suggest that you make all your requirements and expectations when ordering. Make a Cosmetics stand and share with the designer.
Since cosmetic products have a variety of shapes and shapes, it is very important to present their exact dimensions to the designer. If possible, give the designer a 3D product map and, if not a few examples, a variety of branded makeup products. This is very important, and if you do not have a three-dimensional map of your product to date, be sure to ask the manufacturer for it, and the lack of it can cause serious trouble. After designing and approving the make-up design, be sure to try the designer asking for a tray to make sure the size and location of the products are on the Makeup makeup. (The test tray is a term used in Vanisah, a simple sheet that has been cut all over the product and presented to the customer in three different sizes with a difference of less than one millimeter to the best size and used for the production of circulation. It’s a test benchmark for testing the same tray.)

Never put pressure on the designer and the manufacturer to quickly get samples of your products. Let a set of all products as a prototype designer to test on a variety of make-ups. Think of a set of samples you lost!
All the necessary information (logo, color, slogan, place of brochure, etc.) to be used in cosmetic statuettes should be completed in a complete, accurate manner and submitted to a designer in a file approved by the designer, and check with him that he understands what you mean. Be But do not put pressure on the designer about the size of the logo, the motto, the writings, and so on. If you go to a professional designer, let him advise you on how better he is and how to use his knowledge. Trust the professional designer.

Usually plexiglass or black material is used for placement of products in cosmetic studios. One of the reasons is that the surface is dirty. When colored cosmetics are poured on white, or bright colors, cleaning is troublesome and the fat does not easily remove. On the other hand, the black color makes it easier to see cosmetic colors. But this is not binding, and other colors can be used.

If you use Plexiglas for your makeup brush (which is often the case), use only cotton and nicotine to clean it. Wipes and detergents are not recommended. If your beauty makeup is broken or defective, do not overdo it. Tell the designer the story to tell you the solution. Of course there may not be any way!
Tell the designer if you want to send a product to your customers if you intend to send the product. Maybe he’ll have a solution. Otherwise, do not put products in the packaging, because there is a possibility of sanding and dirty in the shipping process.

In Vanisha, we usually consider a small separate carton for products, or, if not possible, put products in a makeup and put it in a shrinkable way that can not be damaged or damaged.

The ugly and disgusting nature of the wickedness of the shops is widespread, causing concern to the brand and store owner. If this is a priority and a necessity for you, then transfer the designer to find a solution and expect it to be a Cosmetics stand appearance due to this request. If it’s not so important to you, do not even talk to the designer who does not care about her.

We strongly recommend that you do not ship any stock without your presence at the store. Make sure your makeup is healthy and ready to use and place it right on the product and teach the store how to use Cosmetics stand. The presence of the shop owner feels that if there is a problem, there is someone who will share with him. Do not forget to send your representative to the store once and for all to know everything.

Vanish designers rebound themselves to the place of use of products to see the results of their work and check if necessary to improve on the first order and upgrade the design. Professional versions of the operating system are updated every time, whether it’s a plan!

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